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"It is the sauce that distinguishes a good chef. The Saucier is a soloist in the orchestra of a great kitchen."  Fernand Point



I love Hollandaise sauce but until I found this recipe I ruined more than I care to mention.  This one is easy -- you can
make it ahead of time -- and it WON'T BREAK!  Oh, by the way, I use my food processor instead of the blender.

3 egg yolks
1/2 t. salt
dash of cayenne pepper
1 t. cream
 cup melted sweet butter, heated until bubbling but not brown
1 T. lemon juice or white wine vinegar

Place egg yolks, salt, pepper and cream in blender.  Blend for a few seconds at high speed until you have a smooth
frothy mixture.  With the mixture still going at high speed, start adding the hot butter in a thin stream.  As you add
the butter, the sauce should thicken.  When half the butter has been added, add lemon juice or vinegar.  Continue
blending until all the butter is used.  Use at once or store in well-sealed container for later in the day.  Reheat slowly!



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